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Top Ten Most Expensive Computers in the world

, , / January 29, 2017

3) 24k Gold MacBook Pro – $30,000

most expensive computers in the world

A MacBook Pro by itself is awesome because I am using this for the first time while writing this article, but this one has an exterior covered in 24 karat gold. To top off the extraordinary piece made by Computer Choppers, a bespoke high tech gadget manufacturing company, the laptop also has an Apple logo stuffed with diamonds of multiple colors. With having the price tag of 30,000 USD, it is 3rd most expensive computers in the world.

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4) Ego for Bentley Notebook – Price: $20,000

most expensive computers in the world

This laptop, the result of a 2008 contract between luxury products company Ego and legendary, stylish and luxury British automaker Bentley, was made for the wealthy to show their money. It has diamond stitched Bentley leather, is hand built and is available in a number of color options. Just 250 of these pricey pieces of tech were made available for sale. It was a limited edition laptop so that’s why this make it one of the most expensive computers in the world