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Tom Hanks Net Worth: A Massive Worth That You Should Know

, / March 26, 2019

Tom Hanks is an actor with a net worth of $350 million dollars according to Bank Rate. This huge number comes from his roles in numerous movies and TV series.

Along with his acting career he is also a film maker. When thinking of him movies like, “Forest Gump,” and, “Apollo 13,” may come to mind. Tracking his progress over the years, shows an extensive timeline filled with both sitcoms, movies and shows in which he has produced or acted in.

One may consider this his acting empire.

Who Was He Before Fame?

You may be wondering who Tom Hanks was before he accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars through the acting industry. Tom was born in 1956 in California. After graduating high-school he went on to get his education from California State University.

It comes as no surprise that he studied theatre, so he had a clear view of what he wanted to do from a young age.

1977 was the year he traveled to Lakewood, Ohio to attend a film festival called, “Great Lakes Festival.” In order to obtain experience in the theatre he was featured in a variety of Shakespearean plays.

tom hanks

He would go on to work on a series of smaller projects, trying to get into the industry. One of the first films he appeared in was, “He Knows You’re Alone.” This was a scary movie/thriller.

His role in this movie was small but it motivated him enough to keep going. Next, he would appear in guest roles for shows like, “Family Ties,” “Taxi,” and, “Happy Days.” These roles took him through the 70’s and early 80’s.

Although he chose not to finish college he was well on his way to stardom with his first big hit, “Splash,” in 1984.

Projects He’s Most Recognized For

Tom Hank’s long career history could easily fill up 20 or more slots. He took part in a vast amount of movies, so we’ll name the ones which he is best known for.

 Shortly after “Splash,” debuted Tom became super popular. His growing notoriety helped him easily get roles in other movies.

Perhaps you have a few movies in mind that you’ve seen him in. The following movies are the ones which made him infamous.

Forrest Gump


This movie is simply a classic. It came out in 1994. Tom played Forrest Whitaker who proved to be a very memorable character.

The drama-comedy sold more than $660 million in tickets all over the globe.

Forrest Gump

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The movie debuted in 1988 and is considered a big hit. He was nominated for his first Academy Award for “Best Actor.”

Outmatching this movie would be a difficult task.



This movie came out in 1993 and Tom was featured in it with fellow actor, Denzel Washington. They were in their younger days and both of these men made the movie a success.

For his role in, “Philadelphia,” he received another Academy Award.

Saving Private Ryan


This film was directed by Steven Spielberg. It re-enacted World War II’s D-Day invasion of 1944.

You’ve Got Mail

This movie premiered in 1998. It fit under the genres, romance and drama.

You’ve Got Mail

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Toy Stories

The Toy Story series began in 1995. In 1999 Toy Story 2 came out, and the 3rd was released in 2010. These movies are animated kid’s films in which toys come to life.

These movies were very huge on the Disney net-work. In fact, in 2019, the 4th sequel to the story will debut.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This comedy was produced by Tom Hanks and did very well at the box office. It was released in 2002. The movie centered around a romance between the two main characters. It earned a whopping $268 million dollars.

Polar Express

The Polar Express is an animated film on the Disney net-work. This holiday movie was very popular with both kids and adult since it has such a great plot. Tom Hanks produced this one as well.

The Da Vinci Code

In this 2006 film, Tom plays, “Robert Langdon.” Before coming to this big screen this was a mystery thriller novel. Fans say the movie was thought provoking, suspenseful and finished with an excellent ending.

Captain Phillips

This was and still is a truly dynamic movie. The plot was very serious and thrilling. It was inspired by an actual flight hijacking. Tom played a phenomenal role which is why the film has had such great success.

Evolving from Actor to Producer

Tom Hanks

Tom Hank’s net worth, is attributed to not only his success in acting, but also his success in producing multiple great movies.

Over the years he learned and perfected his craft. From his experience and knowledge in theatre and acting, he was able to leverage his way into the role of producing films and shows.

Because of his everlasting love of the film industry he will always be an actor who is never forgotten.