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Lil Yachty Net Worth: A Young Multi-Talented Rapper’s Rise To Fame

, / June 6, 2019

Lil Yachty, who was named Miles Parks McCollum, at birth is a rapper. He is only 20 years old, but currently holds a net worth of $12 million dollars.

He is a very unique and young artist, which contributed to his fame today. He made his first debut back in 2016. His fame and popularity have increased from then on. He refers to his form of rap as Bubble Gum rap.

Combining music and sounds from video games like Mario Brothers and other older Nintendo games makes his genre of rap the only on the market.

Getting Started

From a young age, Lil Yachty knew he wanted to be a rapper. He was first noticed in 2015 when one of his songs on Sound Cloud went viral in the media. At this time Lil Yachty was gaining followers on Instagram to promote his music.

He moved from his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia to New York, with hopes to further pursue his rapping career. Shortly after moving to New York he became noticed by Kanye West. Kanye hired Lil Yachty as a model in his clothing line (Yeezy). This happened back in 2016.

2016 would prove to be a big year for him. After being signed as a model for Kanye he decided to release his mix tape, “Lil Boat,” to the world.


Through the span of his career, Lil Yachty has had many accomplishments that added to his net worth. He’s been featured with big named artists and has also done a few commercials.

He’s produced both mix tapes and albums that have been very successful. You may be surprised to hear that he has done some more modeling along the way.

Below are some of his biggest accomplishments to date.

Summer Songs

This album or mixtape was released in 2015 would be the first to be recognized by his growing fan base and viewers.

Two big songs on the album were, “One Night,” and “Minnesota.” In 2016 he went on to release Summer Songs 2 since the album was a huge hit.

Record Label And Deals

In 2016, after the release of his album “Lil Boat,” Lil Yachty signed to three big named labels; Quality Control Music, Motown Records and Capitol Records.

This was a huge point in his career since signing to a record label gave him a contract to produce music for the upcoming years.


The title of a very successful single produced in 2016 by a rapper named DRAM. Lil Yachty would appear on this song as a feature artist. Little did he know at the time this song would make it to the number 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Being featured in this song gave Lil Yachty more popularity. On YouTube the video for this song has a whopping 302 million views.

Teenage Emotions

The year 2017 was when he released his first studio album called, Teenage Emotions. The biggest part of this album was the rappers he got to be featured in a few of his songs.

He featured the Migos on a song called, “Peek A Boo,” that would make spot 78 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Migos are prominent rappers who have released tons of successful music in the past few years.

He also had features on this album from big names such as YG and Stefflon Don.

Lil Boat 2

In 2018 Lil Yachty came out with his 2nd studio album called Lil Boat 2. This album did very well, it was released on March 9th.

Making to the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200 was a big deal for this 2nd album. He also had features on this album from rappers such as, 2 Chainz, Quavo and Offset.

Commercials And Modeling

Rapping and music are not his only ways of showing his talent and earning a fortune. Lil Yachty has been in a Sprite commercial with LeBron James.

A Positive Future

As you can see Lil Yachty is a young multi-talented rapper, model and social media personality. He knew what he wanted and did everything he could to get here. In his career, he has made really smart business decisions which have brought him more work and fame.

All of his accomplishments attributed to Lil Yachty’s net worth.

Lil Yachty is a name that will not be forgotten since he has been so successful with his music. He produces music quicker than the average musician and he does it with style. His future is looking pretty bright.