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Top 10 Most Expensive NFL Players

, , / January 2, 2016

6) LeSean McCoy (Salary/bonuses: $21.3 million)

McCoy is a running back for the Buffalo Bills. His total earnings were $22.1 million. This three-time Pro-Bowler was traded to the Buffalo Bills in March. The team awarded him a five-year $40 million contract, which included a signing bonus of $13.1 million and a guaranteed amount of $26.5 million. He makes six-figure income through memorabilia, appearances and endorsement deals with reputed companies like Zenith helmets and Nike.

LeSean McCoy

5) Andy Dalton (Salary/bonuses: $22.3 million)

Andy Dalton’s total earnings were $23.3 million, out of which $1 million were through endorsements. This Cincinnati Bengals quarterback signed a $96 million deal (for six years) in 2014 that could be worth around $115 million with team-based incentives.

Andy Dalton