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Poorest Countries in Asia 2015 – By GDP per capita

/ January 2, 2015

3) Bangladesh – GDP per capita: $2,083

This densely populated country is affected by many problems like political instability, floods, poor infrastructure, inadequate power supply and corruption.


2) Myanmar – GDP per capita: $1,711

This sovereign state in Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most impoverished nations. Its economy depends on agriculture and export trade. Economic mismanagement is one of the main reasons for poverty in Myanmar.

(Photo by Leon Shkolnik) Yangon, Myanmar

(Photo by Leon Shkolnik) Yangon, Myanmar

1) Afghanistan – GDP per capita: $1,177

The war in this nation, preceded by years of conflict, has had immense negative impact on the standard of living of its people. Complex international governance and insurgent attacks have made Afghanistan the poorest country in Asia. Life in this country is a major struggle for its people, especially for women and children. The nation faces major challenges like lack of health-care facilities, poor infrastructure, substandard sanitation and lack of clean water.


Poverty is a menace in above-mentioned nations. However it is encouraging to note that leaders of some of these nations are committed to eradicate this evil.

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