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Top Ten Most Expensive Lego Sets

/ June 6, 2016

We all love Lego figures, and that is a fact. Those tiny little mini-figures, accompanied by mountains of multi-colored bricks that soon will be built into amazingly complex and detailed sets have defined our childhood in ways very few items have. It surely was a fascinating experience to go through those well-documented manuals to figure out how to construct your set, or to open those plastic bags to (or “intending to”) organizing your bricks, so they can be easier to find when you need them. The wide variety of thematic sets is something incredible too. Nowadays, you have Lego Star Wars, Lego Marvel, Lego DC Comics, Lego City, Lego Lord of the Rings, and so on. But, even though these toy products are fantastic, what are not that fantastic are their prices. High quality comes with a high price, and that is entirely right for Lego sets, as it can sky-rocket into super-expensive digits that only hardcore collectors would be willing to pay. These outrageous prices might generate from some factors, such as the number of set pieces it has, the rarity of the game, or maybe it is an old set that has been discontinued for a long time. Whatever the case may be, this is the definitive top 10 of the most expensive Lego sets in the market right now.

Which are the most expensive lego sets?

10. Batman’s Tumbler – $199.9:


Inspired by the trilogy of Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan, this fantastic Lego set has an uncanny resemblance with the tumbler used in those films by the cape crusader. The level of detail achieved in this product explains its astonishing price. Fans of the movies and the famous superhero will be more than pleased with this incredible toy. However, we doubt your wallets will be that happy too. It has over 1,800 pieces, which means you will be paying almost $0.10 per piece. However, at least in this case, the value is entirely worth it.

9. Mobile Crane MK II – $219.99:


As we mentioned before, there are some different Lego lines within the brand. And the Technic line may very well be its most innovative one. They are fantastic at recreating robots or vehicles in a mechanical but easy-to-assemble way, and the best thing is that they move! Powered by an especial motor and a battery pack, you can control these living sets as you please. This level of complexity explains the elevated price of this set, perfect for those looking for a more sophisticated take on the Lego set.

8. Star Wars Ewok Village – $249.99:


This pricey set evokes the legendary Ewok Village from the Star Wars movies, packed with a lot of surprises and details waiting to be discovered by the fans of the beloved saga and Legos. It is also unique, as most of the Lego sets recreate buildings or vehicles, but not many dared to recreate a forest. Also, if that wasn’t enough to please the fans, it comes complete with a huge roster of classic Star Wars characters. The level of detail and the fact it is part of a very vast universe explains its price.

7. Metal’s Beard Sea Cow – $249.99:


A Lego original, as it came from the acclaimed Lego Movie, the Sea Cow ship from Captain Metal Beard has an incredible level of detail, and is practically identical to the one of the film. It also comes with some of the characters from that movie, and the great “invention” of the two-level sofa, an explicit reference to the same film.

6. Stars Wars Sandcrawler – $299.99:


Another Lego set, which only goes to show the level of popularity of this line of Lego. Now, it’s turning for the famous Sandcrawler from the original trilogy to make its appearance into the Lego world. It recreates it perfectly, as it further establishes the level of detail Lego puts into each and every one of its sets. It even comes with the classic characters of the Star Wars franchise. Once again, the fact that it has Star Wars written on its box has a lot to do with the price. It seems that Lego has found its gold mine in the famous franchise.