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Top Ten Most Expensive Lego Sets

/ June 6, 2016

5. Sydney Opera House – $319.99:


Changing the thematic of this list a little bit, now we are looking at a set that recreates a famous real live landmark. The Sydney Opera House is astonishingly recreated in Lego form, giving it a highly sophisticated look, and perfect for collectors. Of course, this particular set is not exactly meant for little children, as it is targeted for a more mature audience, one that only can appreciate the beautiful design of this fabulous set.

4. Mindstorm EV3 – $349.99:


This is the ultimate futuristic Lego set. It only comes with a mere 600 pieces, but its real worth comes from the technology used for this mind-blowing toy. The robot can transform into several different things, has its infrared sensor, has a programmable brick that you can use to make your Lego move and speak, and the whole thing can be controlled with your tablet or smartphone. Quite the thing, right? No wonder it has such a shocker price, as it is incredibly worth it. Modern kids will love it as it integrates its two favorite things, Legos, and technology.

3. Star Wars Death Star – $399.99:


This is the ultimate Lego Star Wars set, period. The perfect gift for the franchise-loving people, it shows the famous death star as you have never seen it before, from the inside. It has several little rooms in which you can recreate famous scenes from the original trilogy. The detail is supreme, just as any Lego set in the market, only this one is elevated to the maximum level. And it comes complete with a shocking 24-character roster, and over 3,800 bricks, making it a very complicated, but satisfying set to build.

2. Star Wars Super Star Destroyer – $399.99:


This extensive collection is one of the greatest of them all. It is also remarkably similar to the one in the film. It is clearly aimed at the adult collectors, as it even comes with a display stand. The epic scale of the ship and the amount of bricks that comes with the set gives it its price.

1. Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon – $499.99:


Surprise, the most expensive Lego set happens to be from the Star Wars line. To be fair, it is breathtaking, as it recreates very well the traditional ship from the film. If you happen to see it in stores, buy it immediately, as collectors are willing to pay $1,200 for this rare item.

After seeing the top 10 most expensive Lego sets, we have to say most of these numbers are impressive. But what´s even more impressive is the fact that there’re people out there who is willing to pay so much money for these bricks. In fact, as we mentioned before, most of the collectors are willing to pay more than what the price tag displays just to be able to have one of these rare pieces with them. What makes things more interesting is the fact that none of the people who purchase these sets plays with them, they just assemble them once and keep them on a sacred pedestal for the rest of eternity.

If you ever stumble upon one of these rare editions, you will be more conscious about the amount of money some people are willing to spend for them. In fact, chances are you´re one of these collectors, in which case, we encourage you to tell us which of these Lego sets you own.