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Richest Countries in the Middle East

, / December 13, 2014

The economic structure of the nations in the Middle East are different in the sense that while some (like Saudi Arabia and UAE) depend heavily on the export of oil and oil-related products, others (like Israel and Turkey) have a highly diverse economic base.

Here is the top five richest countries in the Middle East as of 2015, ranked according to their GDP per capita.

5) United Arab Emirates – GDP per capita: $29,176

UAE has a high-income economy with a sizeable annual trade surplus. Its most populous city, Dubai, is a business hub. One-third of the nation’s GDP comes from oil revenues. UAE has a relatively high human development index.


4) Saudi Arabia – GDP per capita: $31,309

Saudi Arabia’s command economy is petroleum-based. Around 90 percent of the nation’s export earnings come from oil industry.