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Top 5 Most Expensive Maybach Cars 2015

, / December 7, 2014

Founded in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach. The brand “Maybach” bring to mind luxury, high speed automation and the manufacturer of the world’s most expensive car, Maybach Exelero. The Maybach cars are also well-known for their classical layout.

Here is the five most expensive Maybach Cars:

5) Maybach BRABUS SV 12 Biturbo –  $1,330,000

This super-fast vehicle is priced at $1,330,000. Powered by 640 hp engine (around 472 kilowatts), this car reaches a top speed of 314 kmph. It is one of the fastest automobiles in the world.


This two-door coupe can reach 100 kmph in less than 5 seconds. It has a 12 Biturbo engine and a rear wheel drive. These features ensure balance by spreading the weight of the car on all the wheels uniformly. Maybach BRABUS SV 12 Biturbo is available in all major automobile outlets and on various car-selling websites. The vehicle offers maximum comfort with state of the art multimedia technology.