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Top 5 Most Expensive Maybach Cars 2015

, / December 7, 2014

1) Maybach Exelero – $8,000,000

This 6-liter V12 RWD car is priced at $8 million. This high-performance unique sports vehicle is the most expensive car in the world. The RWD layout ensures stability for the vehicle. It is powered by 700 hp (515 kw) engine.


You can reach a top speed of 351 kmph with Maybach Exelero. It takes less than 4.5 seconds to reach 100 kmph with this car. The car is also famous for being portrayed in one of the episodes of long-running German show Cobra 11.


Rapper Jay-Z drives this Maybach Exelero, this car is featured in his music video called “Lost One.” With a fortune of $520 million, Jay Z can afford more of this.


Maybach Exelero Gold Edition


These awesome automobiles are sure to fascinate the uber-rich of the world.

(Image courtesy of Maybach)