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Best Jobs for High School Dropouts in America

/ October 18, 2014

4) Diesel Mechanic

Annual Median Salary: $38,900

Many people are going for cars with diesel engines. This will increase the demand for diesel mechanics. The need for diesel mechanics is expected to grow 15 percent through 2020. The job involves working with dust, dirt, greasy parts and tools. You may also be asked to work overtime. The median annual salary is $38,900.


3) Heavy-Truck Driver

Annual Median Salary: 39,400

The job of a heavy truck driver involves transporting goods from one destination to another. You may have to cover a variety of terrain, from wide highways to congested city streets. It is necessary to have a commercial driver’s license. Employers usually prefer people with at least two years of experience. Median annual pay is 39,400.

Heavy-Truck Driver