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Best Jobs for High School Dropouts in America

/ October 18, 2014

A high school dropout finds it more difficult to find a job than a graduate. Organizations prefer candidates who are well-educated. While unemployment rate of graduates is around 4.5 percent, joblessness among those with only high school diploma is a staggering 24 percent.

There are some best jobs for high school dropouts in America. Here is a brief overview of some of them.

8) Automotive Service Technician or Mechanics

Annual Median Salary: $35,600

Service technicians inspect, maintain and repair cars and light trucks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts average job growth of about 17 percent. Median annual pay is $35,600. Automotive service technicians need to work with high-tech components and also with greasy parts and tools. The job is physically demanding.


7) Welder

Annual Median Salary: $36,400

Welders are involved in joining metal parts and doing finishing work. They fill holes or seams in metal products using handheld tools. This job may require lifting of heavy objects. You may also have to work in confined spaces indoors. The job can be strenuous. The median annual pay for a welder is $36,400. Overall job growth through 2020 is estimated at 15 percent.