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2014 Fashion Alert: “Ugly” Shoe Trend

/ May 15, 2014

Celebrities seem to be popularizing ugly shoes like avarcas and Birkenstocks. Even Vogue Magazine has confirmed that the “ugly” shoes are in. A strangle but huge step for the high end fashion industry, these styles of shoes lean toward comfort over fashion. This casual sandal defies the previous mantra of the beauty industry: Pain Is Beauty. Designers like Chloe, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, and Marc Jacob are adding a creative twist to these “ugly” shoes and showcasing them on the runway paired with edgy cropped tops, tailored pants, and feminine frocks.

The familiar thick straps of these clunky shoes probably remind you of the good old days of summer camp. Designers have given our childhood favorite shoe an overhaul by adding metallic detailing, extra straps, and sturdier soles, drawing attention to their “ugliness.” Fans of Birkenstocks and avarcas know the great thing about “ugly” shoes is ultimate comfort and approachability.


If you want to hop on the “ugly” shoe trend with your favorite celebrities just know there are no set rules to this fashion trend. Slip on with a your favorite skinny jeans or a fun hobo style dress. You can even be daring and wear socks with your sandals. I don’t think I’ll try that one but the sky’s the limit on this summer’s “ugly” shoe trend.