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Top 20 Tallest Jesus Statues in the World

/ May 28, 2015

More than 2.2 billion people all over the world (that is around 31.5 percent of the world population) follow Christianity. You will find many statues of Jesus worldwide. The most famous of all is Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This magnificent statue is 30 m tall. Do you think it is the tallest statue of Jesus in the world? If your answer is yes, sorry to say that it is not the correct answer.

Here are the 20 tallest Jesus statues in the world.

20) Cristo Rey, Mexico

Height: 20.5 m (67 ft)

The Cerro del Cubilete is a historically important religious shrine in Mexico. You will find the Cristo Rey statue here. Both the structure Cerro del Cubilete and the statue of Christ are in art deco style. Inside the building, an alter sits on a circular platform.


19) Cristo del Otero, Spain

Height: 21 metres (68.8 ft)

Located in Palencia, the Cristo del Otero or Christ of the Knoll is the statue of Christ blessing with both is hands. It is on a knoll at the outskirts of the city. This statue was built in 1931. Its style reminds you of Art Deco with Cubist resonances and echoes of ancient Egyptian art in the hieratic post of the figure.