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Top 20 Longest Prison Sentences Ever

/ May 30, 2015

13) Ariel Castro

Sentence: Life plus 1,000 years

Former school bus driver Ariel Castro abducted three women, kept them chained up and raped them. In 2013, he was imprisoned for life without parole plus 1,000 years by the United States judiciary.

12) Darron Bennalford Anderson

Sentence: 11,250 years

Oklahoma resident Darron Bennalford Anderson was found guilty of crimes ranging from rape of an elderly woman to larceny, robbery and kidnapping.

11) Juan Corona

Sentence: 25 life sentences

In the year 1973, the Mexican American serial killer Juan Corona was convicted for murdering 25 migrant workers who worked for him. For this gory act, he was sentenced to 25 consecutive life imprisonments.

10) Darrell Wayne Delp

Sentence: 755 years

This 37-year-old American citizen was found guilty on 50 counts of producing child pornography and 10 counts of aggravated sexual battery.

9) Chester Stiles

Sentence: 21 consecutive life sentences with the possibility of parole in 140 years

The United States judiciary prosecuted this person for the rape of a two-year-old girl on May 29 2009.

8) Bobbie Joe Long

Sentence: 28 life sentences, 99 years plus one death sentence

Florida serial killer Bobbie Joe Long was convicted for rapes and murders. He had raped more than 50 women and murdered more than 15 of them.

7) Martin Bryant

Sentence: 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without parole

Australian judiciary handed down 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without parole to Martin Bryant in the year 1996 for murdering 35 people and injuring 23 others.