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Top 10 Best-Selling NFL Jerseys

, / May 7, 2014

If you could not tell by watching an NFL game on TV, there are replica jerseys all over the stadiums. These jerseys are in many cases, identical to the ones the players actually wear. This side stream of revenue for the National Football League is a big source of income in reality. They are sold at sporting good stores, online, and at the stadiums.

The jerseys are so popular because they are better than a t-shirt or a cap. They give off the vibe of a super fan, not just another guy who kinda supports their team. If you are dressing like the players that you worship, then it you get the feel of being more involved. You can pick the jersey of your favorite player or you can even have a custom jersey made with your name on the back, which is pretty cool. Take a look at the biggest selling NFL jerseys from at the last official NFL count in February 2014.

1. Russell Wilson – Seahawks

Being the Super Bowl winning quarterback gets you a lot of attention apparently.


2. Peyton Manning – Broncos

The guy is maybe the best QB alive today.


3. Colin Kaepernick – Forty Niners

The San Francisco QB has led the Niners to two straight NFC title games and one Super Bowl appearance.


4. Tom Brady – Patriots

The golden boy has been close to the top of jersey sales for quite a while and shows no signs of letting up.


5. Marshawn Lynch – Seahawks

The running back loves to go “beast mode” on the field and that resulted in him landing at #5 in jersey sales.


6. Richard Sherman – Seahawks

Are you detecting a Seattle theme? Sherman likes to talk a ton of trash, but is maybe the best corner in the league, so he can back it up.


7. Drew Brees – Saints

Everyone seems to love Drew Brees. Maybe it is his perceived underdog status. Whatever the case, he is one of the top signal callers of the past decade.


8. Adrian Peterson – Vikings

The best running back in the game, period.


9. Aaron Rodgers – Packers

Rodgers gets a lot of face time on Sundays, not to mention all his commercial appearances. A top three QB.


10. Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins

This name is a bit of shock to make the top ten. Tannehill may have a bright future but I would expect him to be much lower on the list.