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Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars

/ May 8, 2016

The guitar is one of the most common musical instruments. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive guitars in the world.

10. Brownie Stratocaster, Eric Clapton- $450,000

This is one of the most expensive guitars and it was used to record the classic song Layla. This guitar was used by Eric Clapton, who is one of the most renowned and celebrated guitarists of all time. Clapton had this instrument when Dominoes and Derek were completing the classic Layla album and other love songs. The instrument can now be found at the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA. This Museum was founded by Paul Allen who is also a Microsoft co-founder.

9. Gold Leaf Strat, Eric Clapton- $455,000

This guitar was built specifically for Eric Clapton. The man behind this magnificent instrument is Mark Kendrick from Fender. This piece was a special order because Clapton wanted an instrument that he could showcase in a museum. To his surprise, Clapton got exactly what he was looking for, a fine piece of instrument covered in gold leaf. The guitar is plated with 23 carat gold.

Eric Clapton used this guitar on the Legends tour in 1997 and again in 2001 on the One More ride, One More Car tour. The guitar was finally sold to Christie’s Auction House.

8. Gibson, SG, George Harrison and John Lennon- $570,000

There aren’t many legendary instruments that have been used by more than one artist and this guitar is the only piece that has been used by more than one artist. This piece of instrument was used by the Beatles in 1966 album Revolver and 1969 white album. George Harrison used this guitar for the Revolver album that incorporated songs like Got to Get You into My Life, Eleanor Rigby and Taxman. John Lennon used it three years later for Revolution, While Mu Guitar Gently Weeps and Back in the USSR.

Although the Beatles are the number one best-selling band in the planet, this is the only instrument they used that made it into the most expensive guitars of 2016. This guitar was later sold to Cristies in 2004.

7. Fender Strat, Stevie Ray Vaughan- $623,500

Stevie Ray Vaughan is an American renowned guitarist who through his band Double Trouble sparked the blues revival in1980s. This instrument is named after Vaughan’s wife who presented it to him in 1980s. Sadly, Vaughan died in a helicopter crash in 1990. His guitar was later on donated by his brother, Jimmy, and it was eventually auctioned off and purchased by Guitar Center for a sum of $623,500.

Vaughan’s initials are still engraved in this instrument. This is one of the factors that make this guitar expensive.

6. 1939 CF Martin, Eric Clapton- $791,500

This guitar is priced at three quarters of a million dollars. After the debut of the acoustic ballad “Tears in Heaven” in the year 1992, Clapton’s career experienced a magnificent revival. Eric Clapton used this instrument in his performance in MTV Unplugged after the success that he had achieved in 1992. This guitar was originally bought at $80,000, but it was sold for $791,500.

If you are thinking about getting a really expensive guitar you have to have one of the following things: have the guitar covered in diamonds or gold or have a legend’s name or initials attached to it. We all can agree that Clapton’s name or initials is the best thing to have on your guitar.