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Stan Lee Net Worth: Learn The Man Behind Marvel

/ September 7, 2019

Stan Lee is a name that pops up in the world of writing, editing, film producing and movie making. According to Bank Rate, Stan Lee’s net worth is $50 million dollars. He is most famously known for his comic books in Marvel Comics.

At 95 years old, Stan Lee has accomplished a lot in his lifetime. He’s written and edited numerous comic books and even won a few awards along the way.

The Start of a Comic Book Empire

Stan Lee was growing up during the time of The Great Depression. Being a kid in this era probably helped him to be motivated to succeed. As a child, he loved movies and books that had a super hero role in them.

Writing came easy for Lee. As a child, he had a passion for writing and even thought that he would go on to be a great author. He was very serious about his writing, so he had part time jobs with editing and newspaper companies.

In 1939 Lee got his first job as an assistant for “Timely Comics.” You may know this company today by the name of “Marvel Comics.

The beginning of his career started with just writing small lines for the comic books. He would go on to invent characters, plots and a totally new world.

Super Heroes

Throughout his time as a publisher for Marvel, Lee has created numerous super heroes. He also had Jack Kirby by his side to help with some of the publishing.

Stan Lee is the first name you think of when talking about or watching anything related to the following super heroes.


Photo of Hulk

Image via: Pixabay

In May of 1962 Hulk was born. He was a super hero who was extremely large, giant like in size and had green skin. Hulk’s first debut was in the comic book titled, “The Incredible Hulk.

Spider Man

Photo of Spiderman

Image via: Pixabay

The super hero known as Spider Man also came out in 1962. Today Spider man is one of the most popular of the Marvel super heroes. Multiple movies have been named and based after him.

He is most infamously known for his web slinging abilities and super strength.

Doctor Strange

This super hero appeared in 1963 in the comic book called, “Strangest Tales.” He debuted in issue 115. Unlike other super hero’s he is a super smart surgeon.

Doctor Strange is also a magic master with the ability to throw bolts of energy and use incantations or spells.

Captain America

Captain America was created in 1941. During this era, a world war was raging. He got his name because is a patriotic super hero.

In the comic he is actually a soldier who took a potion that allowed him to have super abilities.

X- Men

This team of super heroes came to life in 1963, when their comic book debuted. Members of the X-Men include; Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Fantomex, and Thunderbird to name a few.

Throughout the years the X-Men have added numerous members so the list of all of the X-Men is very extensive.

Fantastic Four

They were created in 1961 in their own comic book. Members include; Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Thing and Mister Fantastic.


1962 was the year Thor debuted in the “Journey into Mystery” comic book. According to ancient mythology, Thor was a thunder God.

Lee recently brought this hero to the big screen with a movie that came out in 2013.

Dare Devil

Dare Devil had a comic book named after himself in 1964. He has radar sense as well as other supernatural senses. He is also great at fighting with just his hands as weapons.

Black Panther

Before the premiere of the new movie with the title, “Black Panther,” only die-hard Marvel fans knew about the super hero.

Black Panther was created in 1966. He was in the comic book “Fantastic Four,” issue 52. His abilities include super strength, super human senses, healing, agility and awesome reflexes.

​The Ever-Growing Movie Industry

Marvel Comics basically has their own entire universe for each of these super heroes and their enemy’s. Lee brought forth a world entirely its own when creating each of the super heroes. The most popular comic book characters have had movies, TV shows, and toys created after them.

Lee managed to create ongoing revenue and millions of dollars from these characters. Some of Marvel’s most popular movies are, Black Panther, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War and Spider Man.

Over 40 movies have come from the Marvel Universe. There are also many other heroes who are lesser known but have still made Lee huge amounts of money.

​Millionaire Stan Lee

Eyeglass stan lee

image via: Unsplash

Lee made Marvel’s virtual empire come to life. His imagination and well as his creative writing skills have not only made him a fortune, but also made him a brand. From making numerous movies, comic books and films, to winning awards for his hard work.

Stan Lee, Marvel and the heroes he has created will live on forever through the legacy he worked a lifetime for.