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Salary of a Computer Engineer

/ July 20, 2014

Computer engineers work on systems and application development. It can be on the software or  hardware side. They are responsible for designing new systems based on the end user’s needs, test and troubleshoot when needed, design software and work on networking systems. Computer Software engineers go through years of training and education to be able to work in the field. Let’s see the salary of a computer engineer:


How Much Do Computer Engineers Make a Year?

In 2014 the average salary of computer software engineers is $77,236 per year. The salary range runs from $48,757 to $114,047.

With an overall national average of $79,000 per year 11% of entry level computer engineers are earning less than this. Those who have been in the industry for five to ten years are earning 8% more than the national average while those who have been in the industry 10 to 20 years are earning up to 14% more than the national average. Those with 20+ years of experience in the field are earning 17% more than the national average.


Salaries of Computer Engineer By States

Some states pay their computer software engineers more than others. The U.S. states that pay the most are Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Washington, New York, Mississippi, Massachusetts and California. New York and Mississippi are the two top paying states when it comes to a computer software engineer’s salary.

Computer Engineering by Specialty

In 2012 the average salary a computer engineer was earning was $100,920 yearly. This translates to $48.52 per hour.
The most recent research of the computer engineer industry reveals that the average computer engineer is earning $86,000 per year. Depending on the type of computer engineering one does for a living they can earn more or less than this. Javascript engineers are earning $90,000 a year while Mobile software engineers are earning $94,000 per year. Windows system engineers are earning an average salary of $85,000 per year.

Computer engineers will likely continue to earn increasingly larger salaries as the world becomes more and more computerized.

Specialties in Computer Engineering

Coding, cryptography, and information protection
Communications and wireless networks
Compilers and operating systems
Computational science and engineering
Computer networks, mobile computing, and distributed systems
Computer systems: architecture, parallel processing, and dependability
Computer vision and robotics
Embedded systems
Integrated circuits, VLSI design, testing and CAD
Signal, image and speech processing