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Top 10 Richest States in America 2015

, / December 11, 2014

The recession has caused unemployment numbers to rise to the highest level in 36 years. Knowing which states are the richest in the U.S. can assist you in finding employment. The richest states in the U.S. are denoted by median income of the household. Jobs in the following states may be the key to success for those actively seeking employment.

The Top 10 Richest States in America 2014:

#1. Maryland

Median household income: $71,122, Population: 5,884,563
Maryland is the richest state with a median income level of $71,122. Maryland is the only state to have a median income over $70,000. The occupations showing the most growth in this state are home health aides, network systems workers, data communication analysts, database administrators, computer software engineers, and medical assistants.

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#2. New Jersey

Median household income: $69,667, Population: 8,864,590
New Jersey is in the second position of the ten richest states. The median income is $69,667. The poor and middle-income level families have a difficult time in this state. The minimum wage of $7.25 is the lowest amount allowed nationally. The growth rate in this state is ranked dead last and despite its high ranking in median income, it is the worst state to find a job.

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