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Wonderful Pool Tables From Cars!

, / June 5, 2014

Innovative company Car Pool Tables turns cars into unique and attractive pool tables. Based in Largo, Florida, this company uses old muscle cars and sports cars for this purpose.

Car Pool Tables takes actual cars and makes molds of the parts. Then they cut and shorten the components; and add paint and chrome. After the job is done, you will have an immensely attractive pool table.


Of course the cars thus worked upon are not drivable anymore, but will add value and beauty by their mere presence in a new Avatar. In fact surprising amount of the original car remains intact. You have Mustang pool tables, Corvette pool table and many more.

Tony Utegaard is one of the founders of Car Pool Tables. He says in a humorous tone that one day people might strip these pool tables for parts. If you have money, and if you are fine with seeing classic cars chopped off, you may go ahead and get one of these for yourself.