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Most Valuable Currencies in South America

/ October 29, 2014

South America is a huge continent located in the western hemisphere. Currently 14 currencies are used in this continent. All South American nations except Ecuador have their own currency; Ecuador uses U.S. dollars.

Here is a brief overview of the top 5 most valuable currencies in South America as of 2014, with their value in US dollars.

5) Venezuelan bolivar (1 VEF = $0.16)

The bolivar fuerte (which is subdivided into 100 centimos) has been the currency of Venezuela since January 1 2008. The Central Bank of Venezuela has been promoting the currency with advertisements.


4) Surinamese dollar (1 SRD = 0.31)

Surinamese dollar, which has been divided into 100 cents, has been the currency of Surinam since 2004. It replaced the Surinamese guilder on January 1 2004. The people of Surinam refer to their currency as SRD to differentiate it from the US dollar.