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Most Popular Fashion Trends of 2014

/ August 15, 2014

Most Popular Fashion Trends

We’re over half-way through 2014 with many fashion trends seen on the streets, some more popular than others. This year’s staples seem to revolve around the spring/summer 2014 Fashion deputes but we still have the rest of the year to figure it out. Here are the 3 most popular fashion trends so far this year.

Crop Tops

Show off a bit of skin with the ultra sexy crop top. Seen in every style from teenager to middle age, this fashion forward daring top can be warn with a high waisted pant or skirt to minimize the risque quality. Also, donning a kimono sweater or a blazer has been a popular styling option for crop tops.



Not just seen in women’s wear but also in men’s wear, the floral print is blooming all over the fashion world this year. Dark or light, bold or subtle, these flowery prints are being paired with other prints from stripes to leopard. Anything goes with floral.


White Pumps

Crisp and white, the classic pump has an unexpected twist so far this year. Unlike the black or nude pump, the white pump is a neutral shade that has a little attitude when worn as a pump. Try this new trend combined with a floral crop top to rock all three top fashion trends of 2014!