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Most Expensive Shoe Brands For Men

, / May 12, 2014

They say you can judge a man by the shoe that he wears. This may be true, because bulky sneakers may give boys swag, but it is the leather shoe that gives real men class.

Here are the most expensive shoe brands for men that would definitely say that you are either a millionaire or a billionaire:

10. Barker Black – $975

Barker Black’s Ostrich Cap Toe is simply incomparable. This is a special shoe that can be bought at a price of $975.


9. Salvatore Ferragamo – $985

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Python Loafer can definitely bring elegance to a man’s entire outfit. This shos costs up to $985, making it one of the world’s best shoes.


8. GJ Cleverley & Co. – $995

If you want elegant shoes, you should not miss to shop for designs by GJ Cleverley & Co. This shoe line looks slick and clean, especially with its small laces. You can buy this shoe at $995.


7. Edward Green – $1,075

Edward Gren’s Dover Split Toe is one of the most coveted shoes among men. It brings elegance and sophistication to the over all presence of a man. This shoe is at $1,075.


6. Martin Dingman – $1,195

Martin Dingman’s Crocodile Arlo is one of the most notable shoes in this line. The shoes of Martin Dingman easily fit men’s personality and preferences. Their shoes can reach up to $1,195. They say this shoe brings men more luck.


5. Tanino Crisci – $1,250

This is an elegant shoe that men all over the world would really want to have. These men are probably high earners that have $1,250 to burn. But the money you buy for this shoe is definitely worth it, with the elegance that it brings.



4. John Lobb – $1,280

For women who want to buy their men some really good shoes, John Lobb’s collection is definitely one of the best choices. One of the most notable shoes in this line is the John Lobb 2005. This shoe could reach up to $1,280.


3. A. Testoni

Often times, men are choosier compared to women, especially when it comes to shoes. Most rich men would choose to wear these elegant and very expensive shoes.


2. New & Lingwood

With the best designs and styles, it is hard to see shoes anywhere else with so much elegance and class. This shoe line was founded way back 1865, with its leather cured in rye, yeast and oat flour, then it is hand-furnished before being soaked in wood liquor, according to Forbes.


1. Berluti – $1,830

Men prefer shiny shoes, and there are no other shoes shinier than Belutti. Its price is also a shiny $1,830. One of their best shoes is the Rapieces Reprises style. This is the most expensive shoe in the world.