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Most Expensive Hairstylists in the World 2014

, / June 9, 2014

We all love to go to the salon for a good pampering. Just like paying exorbitant prices for a name brand handbag or a designer shoe, hairstylist can charge premium for a haircut and style. Want to get your hair coiffured by some for the most notable stylists in the world? Check out our top three picks for the most expensive hairstylists:

Orlando Pita

With your basic hair cut starting at $800, this new york stylist understand what the luxury market needs. With clients like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Pita can afford to give you an extraordinary service, cutting of individual hair and celebrity gossip included.

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Stuart Phillips

Located in the prestigious Covent Garden in London, England, Stuart Phillips salon leads the industry for the most sophisticated haircuts, styling and coloring techniques. Known for breaking the world record of the most expensive haircut in 2007 for £8,000. These days, a luxurious hair packing includes much more, for a price of course.

Photo Credit: Stuart Phillips/Youtube

Photo Credit: Stuart Phillips/Youtube

Ted Gibson

As one of the most noted celebrity stylists who is also featured on the reality show What Not To Wear, Ted Gibson can charge $1,200 for a basic hair cut. If you’re the type of person who wants your hair styled by the same person who did Angelina Jolie’s hair, then you’ll get a kick out of visiting his salon in New York.