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10 Most Developed Countries In Africa 2016 (HDI)

/ January 3, 2015

Human Development Index (HDI) is a standard way of measuring the well-being of the people of a country. It is a comparative measure of literacy, life expectancy and standard of living. HDI is used to measure the impact of the economic policies on the quality of life of its people.

Here is a brief overview of the top 10 most developed countries in Africa as of 2016. Here you can see a list of the least developed countries.

10. Namibia (HDI Score: 0.608)

Namibia’s many prudent macroeconomic policies have resulted in robust economic growth. Experts project real GDP growth at 4.3 percent in 2014. The nation continues to benefit from the continued expansion of construction activities.


9. South Africa (HDI Score: 0.629)

Since the ANC-led government came to power, the United Nations Development Index of South Africa has fallen. The government is struggling to achieve monetary and fiscal discipline in order to ensure economic growth and redistribution of wealth.