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Most expensive signed baseballs

, , / June 22, 2016


When it comes to Baseball, there are thousands upon thousands of memorabilia available to be bought. Everything from cards to signed bats, to T-shirts, to even signed stadium seats, to photos, and, well, pretty much anything that could be linked to this sport. But why is there so many collectibles out there? The answer is simple: baseball will always be one of the most emblematic sports the United States will ever have. It has a very rich tradition that goes way-way back to the 1800’s, and it has been gathering millions of fanatics ever since. Each team has its history and myths, and in general, the sport has spawned a very peculiar culture that still attracts people to this very day. But of all the existing memorabilia out there, from the most bizarre to the most sought after, perhaps the most iconic one has got to be the baseball itself. Think about it; these balls constitute the very foundation of the game, without them there wouldn’t even be any game! Also, there have been touched by the hands of hundreds of baseball legends, which adds an aggregated value to it. Many fans would die to have a ball signed by their heroes, and that is what makes them so unique. And that might also be the explanation for the mind-blowing prices they are being sold in auctions around the world, some of them even reaching the five digits. Here are some of the most expensive baseballs that have ever been sold:

5. Babe Ruth All-Star Game Home Run Ball

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 Babe Ruth is considered the greatest legend this sport has known. The mythology surrounding him is incredibly big, such as the devotion some of his fans show for him. The thing is this guy is such an icon of the American Culture; it is no wonder that somebody paid $805,000 for a home run ball that he threw almost 83 years ago. Yeah sure, it was also signed by Ruth himself, but still, almost a million dollars for a ball can come as quite a shock to an outsider who doesn’t understand the fanaticism this sport generates.

4.Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe’s Baseball

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 One of the most famous couples of all time, Joe DiMaggio was a baseball god, and Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood goddess. And if we take their two autographs, and we put them on a baseball, the result is a $191,200 ball. It was the most expensive signed baseball when it was sold back in 2006.


3. Mark McGwire’s 70th-home-run baseball

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 Mark McGuire is a retired baseball player who holds the best at bats per home run ratio in baseball history. He also set the major league single-season home run record with 70, although the record was broken by Barry Bonds three years later with 73. Unfortunately, he later admitted to using performance-enhanced drugs during a significant portion of his career. This, however, did not stop comic book creator and music producer Todd McFarlane from buying the 70th-home-run baseball for a staggering $3 million.

2. Mike Piazza Autographed Baseball

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 Piazza was an outstanding baseball player whose ability in the field earned him immense popularity and recognition. His autographed baseball costs around $400.

1. Mike Trout Signed Anaheim Angels Rawlings Baseball

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 Trout won the 2012 American League Rookie of the Year and finished 2nd in the MVP voting. He is one of the best baseball players of all time and the most sought after autograph for Angels fans. The price of this item is around $300.

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