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Crazy Celebrity Backstage Demands

/ May 22, 2014

We understand that celebrities are human too and sometimes they might have a specific brand that they favour more than another and perhaps their champagne taste may be a little bit more extravagant than our beer pocket book can afford, but all in all – they have their preferences just like any of us! But there are a peculiar few whose backstage contractual demands are just downright ludicrous!

Let’s take a look at some celebrities’ crazy backstage demands…

Katy Perry

Who doesn’t love flowers? Katy is certainly no exception; she requests that there be an arrangement of fresh pink flowers waiting for her in her dressing room. This floral arrangement is to include: roses, hydrangeas and peonies, but absolutely NO CARNATIONS! Heaven forbid someone bring her the wrong flower…


Used toilet seat? Not for Madonna, ever. Apparently one of her backstage requests is that all used toilet sets must be replaced by a brand new one and this is not because she is a germ freak, but rather because she rather enjoys “christening” things.


Forget a separate closet for her collection of wigs! Cher demands a completely separate room to house her plethora of wigs! Meanwhile all her dancers get to enjoy the marvels of a coed dressing room…

Rock band “Van Halen”

The Van Halen rock stars demand that there be absolutely no “brown” M & M’s in their dressing room. Perhaps the earth tone chocolate is much too drab for the vivacious rock stars? Who knows!


Apparently Prince is crazy for plastic saran wrap since his team put in this request: “All items in dressing room must be covered by clear plastic wrap until uncovered by main artist. This is absolutely necessary.

LL Cool J

A seemingly less bizarre request though still questionable for a man – LL Cool J’s backstage request entails 24 long stem roses and a bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil – for what? That’s for him to know and for us to…never want to find out.