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Celebrities Who Worked At Fast Food Restaurants

/ May 30, 2014

While some celebrities like Paris Hilton were born into rich families, not all celebrities have had it that easy. Some of them, like many of us, had to start from the bottom up; working jobs that were completely polar opposite of what brought them to stardom.

Here we will delve into celebrities who’ve worked in fast food restaurants to help pay their bills. So rest assured that while you may be working a job you might not be completely enjoying, this does not mean that your future won’t be bright and glamorous like these folks:

Brad Pitt

Before this dreamy hunk made it onto the big screen, Brad Pitt worked at a fast food restaurant as the assistant dressed in a chicken suit.


Eva Longoria

In her teenage years, this beautiful starlet had to pay for her cheer leading costs and ended up working at Wendy’s for over 6 years!

Robert Young Johns and Eva Longoria

Fred Durst

Before becoming the front man of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst worked at McDonalds.


Photo Credit: David Shankbone


Before the Queen of Pop made it into the music world, Madonna worked at a local Dunkin Donuts.

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

Andie McDowell

To help her family pay for their bills, Andie McDowell worked at both McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.

Andie MacDowell at the Save The World Awards show 2009

James Franco

After he dropped out of school at UCLA, James Franco worked at McDonald’s where he reportedly practiced his foreign accents while working at the drive-thru counter.


Eva Mendes

Hard to believe that before this gorgeous actress reached stardom that she was selling hot dogs at a fast food stand in the mall.


Gwen Stefani

In her younger years, Gwen Stefani served ice cream at a local Dairy Queen.


Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah said that her grandfather had inspired her to start working at a young age and at the age of 15, she worked at Burger King.