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Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

, / May 21, 2014

In the world of celebrity there’s no better way to spend the millions of dollars than on the most lavish and expensive purchased ever. They include million dollars mansions, private jets and of course, if you can afford it, your own private island. Here are a few of the most popular celebrities who own private islands and a few insights.

Mel Gibson – Mago Island

Price: Gibson reportedly paid $15 million for the island in 2004
Location: Fiji , Size: 5,400 acres
Famous 90s Hollywood actor and film director Mel Gibson is one of the first celebrities who have bought a private island. Mel is the owner of Mago Island, one of the Fiji islands he purchased in 2005.

Photo: Private Islands Mag

Photo: Private Islands Mag

Johnny Depp – Little Halls Pond Cay

Price: Depp reportedly paid $3.6 million for the island in 2004
Location: Bahamas, Size: 45 acres
Johnny Depp is another famous actor who owns a private island in the Caribbean where he secludes from the rest of the world.

Photo: Private Islands Mag

Photo: Private Islands Mag

Eddie Murphy – Rooster Cay

Price: Murphy reportedly paid $15 million for the island in 2007
Location: Bahamas
Size: 15 acres
Eddie Murphy is another famous actor who owns an island, and not just any island, the Long Cay in The Bahamas. No wonder he’s disappeared from the public stage, since he’s the owner of such a corner of paradise on earth.

Photo: Private Islands Mag

Photo: Private Islands Mag

Leonardo DiCaprio – Blackadore Caye

Price: DiCaprio reportedly paid $1.75 million for the island in 2005
Location: Belize, Size: 104 acres
In addition to his acting career, the Titanic star moonlights as an environmental activist. In that spirit he plans to turn his Belize island into an eco-resort, although little construction progress has been reported.

Photo: Astrum Helicopters

Photo: Astrum Helicopters

Celine Dion – Ile Gagnon

Singers also love owning islands. Take Celine Dion for example, the famous diva who spent $29.7 million on Ile Gagnon in Quebec, Canada. The property, complete with her French Normand-style chateau, is worth around $29.7 million.


Shakira – Bonds Cay

Singer Shakira joined the list with her 700 acre island worth $16.5 million. Located in the Berry Islands north central Bahamas, 125 miles away from the coast of Florida.


Tommy Lee – The World Project

Rockstar Tommy Lee, the former husband of Pamela Anderson bought the island of Greece in The World Islands in Dubai. Imagine how much that must cost!

David Copperfield – The Islands of Copperfield Bay

Fame Magician, David Copperfield spent no less than $50 million for Musha Cay in The Bahamas, one of world’s most expensive private islands for rent. But he’s not the only celebrity who owns an island in Bahamas, Nicholas Cage and Julia Roberts each have one as well.


Richard Branson – Necker Island

Valued At: $100 million
Location: British Virgin Islands, Size: 74 acres
Billionaire Richard Brandson is not only a celeb who owns an island; he is the owner of Necker Island, the most expensive island for rent in the entire world at $322,000 per week.


Larry Ellison – Lanai

Another businessman, another private island owner. This time is Larry Ellison Oracle co-founder, who owns an island in Hawaii. Lucky sun of a gun! And he’s not the only brilliant and successful nerd who owns an island.

Photo: Alamy

Photo: Alamy

Paul Allen – Allan Island

List Price: $13.5 million
Location:  San Juans Archipelago, WA, Size: 292 acres
Take Paul Allen for example, the co-founder of Microsoft, who owns Allan Island in Washington, named after him.


Craig McCaw – James Island

List Price: $75 million
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Size: 780 acres
Technology magnate Craig McCaw is another businessman with own private island, James Island in The British Columbia. He also owns the most expensive car. That’s the spirit! And the list of celebrities who own islands can continue.

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