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Next-Gen Space Capsule – From Boeing

, / June 12, 2014

Boeing is an American company that is at the very heart of modern aviation and space travel. This innovative corporation released conceptual designs for its next-gen space capsule.


In this concept, there will be enough leg room. At a press conference, Chris Ferguson, a director of Boeing’s Commercial Crew Program said, “We are moving into a truly commercial space market and we have to consider our potential customers beyond NASA, and what they need in a future commercial spacecraft interior.


Boeing is not only planning to ferry people to space, but also to cater to the needs of people who can buy their own space craft. The cabin will be like traveling in a first class cabin. The design helps passengers feel connected to earth. For instance, the lighting system can be programmed to emit a soft blue light that is similar to the color of the sky as seen from earth. There are storage pods to keep personal belongings. There is also Wi-Fi.


Commercial space travel may be a reality very soon. However, as on date, it is still in a fairytale mode. A seat in Virgin Galactic costs $250,000. And it is yet to complete its first flight.