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Chiropractor Salary – Average Salary Of Chiropractor

, / June 10, 2014

The average salary for a chiropractor in the U.S. has been $51,468. As of June of 2014 the average salary is now $134,340, though half the people who work as chiropractors are making less than that amount.

On average a chiropractor earns $31.81 per hour. Those in the bottom 10% of the salary range make just under $15 per hour and the ones in the top 10% of the salary range make over $68.70 per hour. When the average salary was $66,610 those in the top 10% of the salary range make over $142,000 per year while those in the bottom 10% of the salary range make $31,030 each year.

25% of U.S. chiropractors earn $22.14 an hour which translates to $46,060 per year. 50% of chiropractors earn $31.81 an hour, which is $66,160 each year. 75% earn $46.24 an hour or $142,950 per year.

States And Cities With The Highest Chiropractor Salaries

Chiropractors in Alaska make $157,420 per year while in Ohio they make $126,060 per year. North Carolina chiropractors make $113,330 per year, Massachusetts chiropractors make $106,340 per year and Washington chiropractors make $97,160 per year.

The top five cities to work as a chiropractor in are Spokane with a yearly salary of $173,220, Anchorage with $167,280, Camden with $158,270 per year and Rockford with $146,900 per year.

Chiropractors who work for a college or university earn $92,000 per year.

In 2010 chiropractors were earning $67,200 each year, which translates to $32.31 per hour. In 2013 the average salary for a chiropractor was $132,089.

Chiropractors are very valuable within the medical community because there are not nearly as many of them as there are of people in similar professions. To become a chiropractor one has to be highly trained. The training and effort they put into their work is reflected in the salaries they make.