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20 Most Unique High Heels

/ October 23, 2014

Someone rightly said, women don’t know who created high heels, but all of them should be greatly thankful to him- they make women stand out literally! High heels add a stylistic and an elegant feature to women, making them look classy, and glamorous. Height has always been a lucrative feature to have, and is one of the pivotal pyramids of beauty- one of the finer aspects that decides what makes a woman pretty and what makes her appealing.

Let’s take a look at these strangest and most unique high heels.

Alien Heels by Alexander McQueen

Alien heels are sophisticated and modern in appearance, and a bit out of the normal- which gives them this name. Unusual for casual wear, but designed to perfection, these are the heels that you could wear on Halloweens or events-as you may please!



Bamboo Heels by Winde Rienstra


Courtesy of Winde Rienstra

Hydraulic High Heels by Silvia Fado

The hydraulic high heels by Silvia Fado are a wonderful pair of heels to have in one’s collection. Innovative, and stylish, they are inviting as well as admirable. The heels are structured using the ball philosophy, where the shoes have multiple balling at heels as well as in the front to compliment the design. A summer’s look that one would immediately fall in love with.




Courtesy of Silvia Fado

Leather Cage Heels by D&G

The leather cage heels by D&G are inspired by a cage and have a floral touch to it. Using gold leather and metal embellishment with roses and velvet insoles, that pair of heels make a bold statement and allow the user to stand out, now only in height but also in style.


Atom by Noritaka Tatehana

Noritaka Tatehana’s the atom are another unqiue pair of high heels that one can aspire to have in her wardrobe. The pair of shoes are made from basic fine quality leather but stand out because if their shape and form. Looking singularly straight with no sole space, these shoes make it tough for the user to imagine how one would able to walk in them, despite the charm they offer!


Printz by Christian Louboutin

The high heels are unique in their design and the way in which the user carries them. Not only in the design, but also in the colour and the way that a user is expected to carry it off, the heels offer style with a string personal reflection of the consumer’s fashion taste.

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Super Elevated Gillie by Vivienne Westwood

Offering elevation, but at a high price, these unique heels are sensational for the user who can understand their structure and design. Meant to stand out, and create an impact, these shoes do exactly that for the user- help them create fashion statement loudly and largely.


Unicorn Tayss Heels by Walter Steiger

Killer heels, not only in the name but also the wear. The design and the form are highly articulate, and offer the wearer a sense of individuality as well as creativity. A love at first sight for women who have a passion for high heels and their allure.

Courtesy of Walter Steiger

Courtesy of Walter Steiger

Sculpted Resin and Leather Sandals by Alexander McQueen

Seen how sculptures are alluring and attractive? How they enthrall and capture the audience? That is exactly how these Resin andLeather shoes work-n they captivate the audience and on lookers, and hook them at your feet- just because they make them look so uniquely beautiful.

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

Heelless Sandals by Briton Antonio Berardi

Sounds interesting right? Feels even more interesting when you wear them. The shoes are a lovely addition to have in your collection, especially if you are looking for seamless and creative designs that are out of the world.

Heelless-Sandals-Briton-Antonio Berardi

Guo Pei’s High Heels

Looking for a lot of height? Looking enchanting and eye-catching heels that will leave jaws hanging and will leave you smiling? Guo Pei High Heels are just what you need. Using the stand-out color and design, the heels are perfect for evening and casual wear, giving you a new dimension to look at the world from.


High Chair Heels

Furniture is elegant in its finishing and polishing. There’s an aesthetic sense to the detailing and intricacies that are found in furniture pieces. High chair heel offer you the same intricacy and elegance through their unique style and design, as well as highly crafted structure.


Backward Heels by Marc Jacobs

Backward heel shoe is truly unique. Designed in a backward shape, the shoe offers an illusion of walking forward and backward at the same time. It is an extremely creative and innovative design, although a bit confusing for the onlooker!


Doll Heel Pumps by Dukas

Pumps are always loveable and durable- adorable to look at, and comfortable to wear. What would be more amazing than when pumps are combined with heels, to give the user a creative and an enchanting look that is comfortable as well as distinctive. Looks best in red, the look is to die for.


Baseball Inspired Heels by Kobi Levi

If you are a fan of baseball and enjoy the game, then these are the heels for you. Inspired from baseballs, the heels provide a stand-out scream and a relation to the game that will showcase your love for fashion and the game together, creating an admirable effect.


The “Thorn” Heels by Iris van Herpen

The thorn heel is a shoe design inspired from the thorn net that allows the wearer’s feet to be covered in a ravishing thorn network, with just the right height. Not only is it intricately designed in detail, but it also allows the user an exclusive look that is uniquely beautiful and eye-catching.


Leanie van der Vyver’s Reversed High Heels

Things that are scary and creepy are often beautiful in their own manner. Unique as the name suggests, the scary eye catcher is not as easy to wear as you can see.


Julian Hakes’ Black Window Star Heels

Dangerous and sexy, the black widow star heels have an element of comfort, spimple and are sensual in their look, making the wearer look all the more appealing.


Dinosaur Heels

As the name suggests, these heels have a dinosaur element. Designed to have the look of their skin and the feel of their time, these heels are indulgent and will make you stand out of the crowd for sure!


Disney Villains Ursula by Kobi Levi

Who can forget Ursula, the ultimate evil? But she also made the ultima beautiful with the evil of her magic- and this is what these heels are. Ultimately beautiful in the ultimate evilness they offer to the eye. An eye candy for fashion lovers, and a love for heels will definitely want you to have these!


Contemporary Chinese High Heels

Beautiful and exemplary, they are a fusion of the tradition with the modern, providing the right level of class and elegance, party and culture, interwoven and gelled together.


3D Stiletto Police by Tim Cooper

As the name suggests, these offer the 3D effect- only in illusion. But an illusion well worth it in providing fir the inviting texture and the detailed finishing these have to offer. An instant love attack on first sight.


This instinctive and basic feature of high heels have allowed them to remain in trend and fashion forever, without ever losing their place to another.