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Top 10 Richest People in Israel 2015

/ March 20, 2015

Israel is an advanced nation. It has the second largest number of startup companies in the world. It also has the largest number of NASDAQ-listed companies outside North America. Israel has produced many billionaires. For a nation so small, Israel has an astounding numbers of billionaires and millionaires.

Here are the top 10 richest people in Israel as of 2015, according to Forbes.

10) Alexander Machkevitch (Net worth: $2.2 billion)

This 60 year old mining tycoon built Eurasian Natural Resources Co (a metal and mining company in Kazakhstan) with billionaire partners and longtime friends Patokh Chodiev and Alijan Ibragimov.


9) Beny Steinmetz (Net worth: $2.8 billion)

Beny Steinmetz is a billionaire who was born and raised in Israel. He moved to Belgium in 1978 to run his father’s diamond business. He eventually became the chairman of the Geneva-based Steinmetz Diamond Group.