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Top 25 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

/ January 6, 2015

Corruption is a global issue. Almost all the countries in our world are affected by corruption. It is all pervading evil. In some countries it is more prominent than in the others. For people in these countries, public sector corruption is a fact of life. Nothing moves in these countries without bribes.

Here are the 10 most corrupt countries in the world. This is according to Corruption Perception Index for 2014 published by the Transparency International. This watch-dog NGO’s index ranks nations worldwide by perceived level of government corruption.

If a country gets a score of 100, it is absolutely clean. A zero score indicates that the country is hopelessly corrupt. It is unfortunate that out of 177 countries listed on the index, less than one-third scored above 50. This is the state of our world.

Nordic nations are least corrupt. Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and are all least corrupt. Denmark and New Zealand are at the top two positions. Somalia, and North Korea are tied for last place. They are most corrupt nations in the world.

These are the 25 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2014:

=25. Central African Republic (CPI score: 24)

With some considerable agricultural, water and mineral resources, the CAR corruption is widespread and undermines the timber and diamond industries.

=25. Paraguay (CPI score: 24)

The second most corrupt country in Latin America. Corruption in Paraguay remains a major obstruction in the country’s economic development.

=23. Republic of Congo (CPI score: 23)

One of Africa’s major oil producers, corruption and decades of instability have contributed to the country’s poverty. Corruption in the government and extractive industries, remains pervasive.

=23. Tajikistan (CPI score: 23)

The sixth poorest nation in Asia. Around 50 percent of the population of Tajikistan is poor. The weak rule of law, lack of coordinated public and misuse of foreign aid has contributed to Tajikistan’s high levels of corruption.

=21. Chad (CPI score: 22)

Feud and corruption are blocking Chad’s economic growth. Revenue from oil is not spent responsibly. Corruption rules this nation.

=21. Democratic Republic of Congo (CPI score: 22)

The DRC became the poorest country in the world as recently as 2010. The country was ravaged by the Second Congo War which began in 1998. It is struggling with a legacy of entrenched corruption at all levels of society.

=18. Cambodia (CPI score: 21)

Cambodia’s political and business leaders have exploited the country’s finances for personal profit and to shore up their own positions of power.

=18. Myanmar (CPI score: 21)

Corruption is widespread within the Myanmar government. All the public officials regulating mining, oil, and gas, have been accused of transferring public revenue to their personal overseas bank accounts.

=18. Zimbabwe (CPI score: 21)

Corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic within its political, private and civil sectors. In 2011, finance minister Tendai Biti claimed that at least $1 billion in diamond related revenue owed to the national treasury remains unaccounted for.

=16. Burundi (CPI score: 20)

One of the most corrupt nations in east Africa. Despite effort to fight corruption, Burundi is still facing a deepening corruption crisis that undermine good governance and threaten economic development.

=16. Syria (CPI score: 20)

Syria is the third most corrupt country in the Middle East region. The country’s culture of corruption is impeding the country’s progress.