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Why Choose A Clutch?

/ May 29, 2014

Carrying a clutch as apposed to a satchel or hobo bag relieves the tension in women’s shoulders and back. A downside that many ladies see: They have to narrow down the items that they carry. From cellphones, to lipsticks, to large key chains, carrying a clutch forces ladies to eliminate unnecessary items while focusing on look simple and chic. So why choose a clutch? Take a look at some options for different styles of clutches that will match your lifestyle.

Envelope Clutch

The hottest clutch on market right now, the envelope clutch is seen sweeping day and evening wear for all the stylish ladies out there. Use it to add class to a style jeans, tee shirt, and pumps ensemble or wear it with a cocktail dress on a night out on the town.


Slouchy Clutch

This oversized clutch makes switching from purses to clutch bags a breeze. Large enough to hold of our our everyday essentials, this pouch like clutch sometimes also features a handle or strap for those who don’t want to carry their purse around with them all day. Pair this bag with any casual look and carry this clutch with you all day long!


Box Clutch

The newest addition to the clutch bag trend, a box clutch may be small but it’s ultra dramatic in style. Tucked daintily in the crook of your arm or held in your hand, this gorgeous clutch is a glamours extension of your body that looks excellent agains that little black dress.