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U-Boat Worx Ultra-Lightweight Super Yacht 3 Submarine

/ September 3, 2014

If you are bored of life on deck, the Super Yacht 3 Submarine may be just right for you. It is capable of taking three people to a maximum depth of 300 meters (100 meter version is also available).

This awesome submarine is made by U-Boat Worx, a Dutch submersible construction firm. Super Yacht 3 Submarine is specifically designed for super yacht owners. It is small and light. It is 171 cm in height and weighs 3,500 kg. This submarine will stow away on a super yacht with ease. It also has a flexible lifting arrangement. It can easily be adapted to fit any crane configuration.


The Super Yacht 3 Submarine’s six powerful thrusters can handle strong currents. Its luxurious interiors include leather seating and air conditioning. Its 42 kWh lithium-ion battery system enables 12 hours of ocean going fun. One of this machine’s really amazing features is the transferable “Manta Controller”. This killer feature enables passengers to take turns in driving the submarine.


The submarine has many safety features like 96 hours of life support, drop weight and safety buoy. If everything goes as planned, the machine should be available for sale in September 2015. Its prices will start from 1,750,000 euros.