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Trending Spa Treatments for This Summer

/ May 8, 2014

Forget swedish massages and basic facials, explore some fresh and up-coming ways to “spa.” The world’s top spa destinations are embracing the hottest treatments of the season. Pamper yourself this summer with some of the top spa’s trending treatments!


Due to our deepening psychological and physical desire to escape from gravity’s relentless pull, we’re seeing more weightless flotation tanks, chambers and pools at spas all around the globe this season. Scientific studies have shown that flotation therapy can reduce stress, headaches, depression, and insomnia. Based on the 70s hippie movement of completely clearing your mind, these anti-gravity treatments have lasting effects by raising happiness levels and lowering stress levels.


Hot Springs

One of the oldest spa experiences in the world is making a powerful come-back this season: Hot Springs. Soak in the naturally therapeutic springs mineral baths and relax in the soothing luxury of this rejuvenating pool. These healing springs provide a blissfully deep relaxation while healing your mind, body, and spirit in the comfort of a soothing natural hot spring.

Organic & All-Natural

Many of the top spa’s around the world are offering all-natural and organic spa treatments to cater to the eco-friendly trend in beauty and fashion. Natural products offer skin and body solutions that improve clarity and give a glowing complexion without the use of harsh irritants. Perfect for all skin types and colors, organic treatments are gentler and less evasive than their chemical counterparts.