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Top Five Fitness and Health Apps

, / June 14, 2014

Today, thanks to technological advancements, there are millions of apps to help men to accomplish many tasks. They are helping men from all walks of life belonging to all age groups. There are also apps to help men stay fit.

Here is a brief overview of the top fitness apps for men.

Couch 2 5K

This app is a comprehensive guide to get people off the couch and to get them into such shape that would enable them to run their first 5K race. The app achieves its goal with the help of industry-applauded itinerary, which includes walks, leading to runs and to longer faster runs.


By the time you reach the end it will be difficult even for you to believe what you would have achieved. The guy who would melt into a couch would be on the way to become a super-fit dude.


Healthbook is from Apple. This upcoming cool app enables you to track health related metrics like caloric intake, workouts, blood pressure, insulin and other healthy habits. You will be awarded for sustained tracking and use of the app. Healthbook will be your nutritionist, doctor and physical trainer, all rolled into one.


For Apple, it is one step towards realizing its dream of achieving Skynet-esque integration of all aspects of your life. This awesome app is not yet officially announced, but industry sources indicate that it will be an integral part of iOS 8. This app has a passbook-styled approach to various aspects of health.


This app pairs with other FitBit accessories like activity trackers and scales to log everything from sleep to weight to the number of steps you take while running. It categorizes the data automatically and presents you with statistics that aid you in achieving your goals. It also enables you to compare your performance with that of your friends.


Zombies, Run

This app is a part fitness motivator, part survival role play and part video game. It uses GPS technology in your mobile device to track your run while playing the sounds of a zombie horde in your earphone. These sounds give you a feeling that zombies are catching up with you. What you need to do? You need to run faster; or die trying to do so.


In this exciting app, you will find caches of supplies and safe-houses dropped in various places in the map. They give you directions to help you escape from digital brain suckers nipping at your heal. This game is an excellent way to exercise many parts of your body including your heart.

Calorie Counter/Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

This amazing app ensures that you consume what is good for your general health and overall well-being. It has authentic information on more than 3,000,000 different kinds of foods.


The app enables you to enter what ever you eat. Once you enter the data, it is easily broken down into its base nutrients to enable close monitoring. You can also enter information about your physical activity and compare your progress with that of your friends.

Next time you get serious about your fitness, you know which app to download.