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Top 5 Richest Boxing Promoters

/ May 8, 2015

Boxing is an immensely popular sport in many parts of the world. There is plenty of money involved in boxing. The lucrative sport brings in money for boxers, promoters, cable networks and many more. Many promoters have become millionaires. These promoters have promoted some of the biggest and richest boxers in the world.

Here are the top five richest and most sucessful boxing promoters according to Celebrity Net Worth.

5) Al Haymon – Net Worth: $15 Million

American boxing advisor Al Haymon studied economics at Harvard. He started his career in the music and television industries. He got into boxing by promoting Vernon Forrest. His association with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. earned him fame and fortune. He is known to boost his fighters’ earnings to the maximum.

Al Haymon Boxing Adviser