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Top 5 Most Expensive Cigarettes in the World

/ May 22, 2016

Smoking can be an expensive habit, especially if you want nothing but the finest of the cigarettes. It is almost a universal truth and well-known fact that the higher the price, the better the quality. And even if cigarettes are not commonly considered a luxury product, companies are trying to offer a more sophisticated take on the infamous small cylinder of finely cut tobacco. These are brands that you may recognize instantly, as some of them are the most famous brands of cigarettes in the world. Others are rather more obscure, elaborated with a particular group of people in mind, with higher tastes and, of course, with much more money to expend on this particular subject. Without further ado, here are the most expensive brands in the world, from the “cheapest” to the fanciest one.

5. Lucky Strike

Kicking it off with one the most well-known brands and logo of all time, this American brand of cigarettes has been in store for nearly 145 years, being an institution of its own.  It became really popular in the 1930’s, reaching the top spot of the best-selling cigarette brands. Nowadays, it has gathered some sort of “cult” following, as people who consumed this product in their youth, are continuing to buy it. Its popularity has earned it a well-deserved spot in the American culture forever. A pack of ten Lucky Strike blue cigarettes costs approximately $1.40.

4. Pall Mall


Another instantly recognizable brand, Pall Mall is one of the two most famous brands of cigarettes from the R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company, the other one being Camel. The Pall Mall brand was first introduced in 1899, targeted to the upper-class of the UK as being the first “premium” cigarette. It reached the height of its popularity in the 1960’s, introducing for the first time ever a longer cylinder than the commonly known, this being 100mm long. Even though its popularity has somewhat diminished, it is still renowned as a premium cigarette, thus making it an expensive one. A pack of Pall Mall Red Extra King cigarettes costs around $1.45.

3. Benson & Hedges


This British brand of cigarettes has also been on the market for quite some time. Owned by Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco or Japan Tobacco, depending on the region, has also managed to retain its name as one of the best brands of cigarettes, maintaining a good reputation throughout the years, even being requested by the British Royal family at some point. It was also the first one to develop ‘dual-flavored’ cigarettes. A pack of ten Benson Gold King cigarettes costs approximately $1.50.

2. Gold Flake


This particular brand of cigarettes has also been around for over a century, selling extremely well in India. It’s marketing campaign has always revolved around the idea of royalty and “gracious” people, making it a product commonly targeted for the upper-class. It is available in a different range of flavors, each suited for different styles and preferences: Gold Flakes King, Gold Flakes King Light, Gold Flakes and Gold Flakes Light. A pack of ten cigarettes of Gold Flake King costs around $1.50.

1. Insignia


This extremely premium brand of cigarettes made its first appearance in Mumbia, in 2003, and its popularity has grown ever since. The distinctive flavor and premium look made it one of the most expensive brands of cigarettes in the world, and the most expensive one in our list. They are sold in a single variety of flavor, and in a very luxury black package. It is still a favorite in the upper-class of India. A pack of ten costs around $1.60.