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Top 20 Richest Skateboarders 2015

/ November 30, 2014

Skateboarding is an extreme sport that involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Many skateboarders have made plenty of money through skateboarding. According to a 2009 statistic, skateboarding has an estimated annual market revenue of $4.8 billion with over 11.08 million active skateboarders worldwide. Some big names like Tony Hawk,  Rob Dyrdek and Jamie Thomas have become millionaires and have many fans worldwide.

Here is the top 20 richest skateboarders of 2014, as per Celebrity Net Worth estimates.

=18) Nyjah Huston – Net Worth: $6 Million

This American professional skateboarder has won more prize money than any other skateboarder in history.

=18) Andy Macdonald – Net Worth: $6 Million

This American professional skateboarder holds the record for the most X Games medals in vert skateboarding. In August 2012 he was the overall champion at the Street League Skateboarding (SLS).

Andy Macdonald