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Top 20 Presidential State Cars in the World 2015

/ October 1, 2014

Presidential State Cars

A state car is a car that is used to transport a head of state. State cars are also used occasionally to transport other members of the government, or visiting dignitaries from other nations.

Most State cars are luxurious and are loaded with various security equipment. Here is a brief overview of the 20 most luxurious state cars.

United States – Cadillac One

This state car is used by the President of the United States of America. This custom-built heavily armored limousine is often referred to as Cadillac One. “The Beast” is its other nickname.

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia

India – Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard

This state car is used by the President of India. This black car is a heavily armored custom-built stretch limousine. It meets the requirements of the highest protection class VR6/VR7.