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Top 20 Oil Producing Countries 2015

/ October 17, 2014

4) Iran (Barrels Per Day: 4,231,000)

Also known as Persia, the Islamic Republic of Iran produces 4,231,000 bbl/day. That is around 4.77 percent of world’s oil. More than 40 percent of government’s revenue comes from oil and natural reserves. Around 80 percent of its foreign exchange reserves are from export of crude oil. It ranks fourth in oil reserves, with around 153 billion barrels. It is OPEC’s second largest oil exporter and is an energy superpower.


3) United States of America (Barrels Per Day: 8,453,000)

The United States of America’s energy market is 29,000 terawatt hours per year. Energy consumption per capita is 7.8 tons of oil equivalent per year, the 10th highest rate in the world. The US produces 8,453,000 bbl/day that is around 9.97 percent of world’s oil.