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Top 20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

, / June 29, 2015

4) Finland

Over the past few years, Finland’s military involvement has only been with UN peacekeeping missions. The nation’s peacekeeping troops are 100 percent volunteer based and have contributed to operations worldwide. Newsweek chose Finland as the best nation in the year 2010.


3) Switzerland

Central European nation Switzerland has a long history of armed neutrality. The nation has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815. Switzerland pursues an active foreign policy and is involved in peace building processes around the world. This wonderful country is the birthplace of Red Cross.


2) New Zealand

New Zealand is a safe and peaceful country. This island country scores high in criteria like respect for human rights and ranked #7 for Human Development Index (HDI) with a score of 0.910. New Zealand is well-known for its low homicide rate and limited violent demonstrations. The nation has a modern, prosperous and developed market economy.

New Zealand

1) Iceland

Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world. Population density is low; around 329,000 people live in 103,000 square kilometer area. This Nordic island nation has a free-market economy. It provides universal healthcare and tertiary education for its citizens. Iceland ranks highly in political and social stability and equality. It does not have a standing army. Iceland is a member of NATO and generally has a free market economy.


These countries are excellent role models for other countries all over the world.