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Top 20 least developed countries

/ November 13, 2016

#3 – Eritrea: Down to the top 3, Eritrea takes 3rd. Home of many diseases such as Ebola, this country has a Human Development Index value of 0.391 and an average life cycle of 63.7 years. Students go to school for 3.9 out of 4.1 years of schooling, which is rather strange for a country to implement in their educational system. The GNI per capita is 1,130 PPP$.

#2 – Central African Republic: For the second place, we have the Central African Republic, with only 0.350 as their HDI value and a life expectancy of 50.7 years. Students attend schools for 4.2 years before dropping out due to various reasons. Their GNI per capita value is an extremely low 581 PPP$.

#1 – Niger: The number 1 spot goes to Niger, with 0.384 for their HDI value and a life expectancy of 61.4 years. Alumni attend school for a ridiculously low 1.5 years as their GNI per capita strikes a 908 PPP$.