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Top 20 least developed countries

/ November 13, 2016

#10 – Mali: The French colony of Mali ranks #10 on the list with a 0.419 HDI score and a life expectancy of 58 years. Students attend a ridiculously low, but not the lowest, time in school: 2 years. The GNI per capita in PPP$ is 1,583.

#9 – Mozambique: The south-east African Nation hits #9 on the list. The HDI value of 0.416, a life expectancy of 55.1 years, only 3.2 years of schooling and a GNI per capita of 1,123 PPP$ helps Mozambique land this spot on the list.

#8 – Sierra Leone: The next country on the list is the Western African sovereign state of Sierra Leone. This nation has an HDI score of 0.413 and a life expectancy of 50.9 yearpoor africanss. The average student studies around 3 years in school and spends the rest of his life doing labor work.

#7 – Guinea: The next entry on the list goes to Guinea, the African country. The HDI value for this nation is 0.411 and the average life expectancy is estimated to be 58.8 years. The average student studies 2.4 years in school before he or she has to drop out for a diverse set of reasons.

#6 – Burkina Faso: The 6th entry on the list belongs to the West African country of Burkina Faso. The HDI value is 0.402 and the average life expectancy is 58.7 years. This country has the least amount of secondary school graduated on earth with only 1.4 years of schooling. Weirdly though, the GNI in PPP$ is 1,591.

#5 – Burundi: Tuning down to the top 5, Burundi, the African country of Burundi takes the 5th place with an HDI value of 0.400 and an average life cycle of 56.7 years. Students go to school for only 2.7 years and the GNI per capita is valued at 758 PPP$.

#4 – Chad: The fourth place goes to Chad, the North-African country. With an average life cycle of 51.6 years and an HDI score of 0.392. Students go to school for just under 2 years before dropping out.