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The 17 Highest Paid Actors of 2015

, / December 11, 2015

6) Tom Cruise (Earnings: $40 million)

American actor and film maker Tom Cruise has fans all over the world. He earned around $40 million in profit from 2012’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The movie grossed $694.7 million worldwide.

Tom Cruise

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5) Adam Sandler (Earnings: $41 million)

Los Angeles-based 48-year-old American actor, comedian, screenwriter, entrepreneur, film producer and musician Adam Sandler may not have had an out-and-out multiplex hit. But he continues to command top dollar for bloated budget movies like 2015’s Pixels.



4) Bradley Cooper (Earnings: $41.5 million)

Bradley Cooper has done well to balance popcorn cheese like Aloha with Oscar-worthy movies like American Sniper. He produced and acted in the latter. He runs his production company with Hangover director Todd Phillips.

Bradley Cooper