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Top 15 Most Expensive Safes in the World

/ January 3, 2016
Courtesy of Döttling

Safes have been around for as long as people had precious things. While most safes are affordable by the ordinary folk, some luxury safes are very expensive. Luxury safe business is booming. The ultra-rich are willing to pay hundred of thousands of dollars to secure their luxurious valuables.

We look at the top 15 most expensive safes in the world as of 2016.

15) Döttling Fusion Safe

Döttling has been in the business of manufacturing safes since 1919. The company’s new fusion model is the fusing of the Döttling Liberty and an antique safe from their Legend series. As on now nobody knows the exact price of this safe.


Courtesy of Döttling


Courtesy of Döttling


Courtesy of Döttling

14) Brown Safe’s Chronos ($58,750 – $74,500)

Brown safe has produced an advanced safe, the Chronos, which is ideal to keep your Chronos watch. It boasts of military grade armor. This robust safe features GPS antitheft systems, biometric fingerprint recognition, multi-sensor alarm with home automation and automatic watch winders.