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Top 10 richest youtubers

, / April 14, 2016

1. PewDiePie


PewDiePie net worth is 23 million dollars after taxes and other costs.
He is a Swedish PC and Console Games Commentator on Youtube. PewDiePie specializes in comic videos of computer games, with humorous commentary and exaggerated reactions, but also fun actions in the games he plays. In the videos he is seen playing computer games in one corner of the screen in which he comments on and react to what happens. He began his career to comment on games in the horror and action genres.
PewDiePie real name is Felix Kjellberg he is born October 24, 1989 in Gothenburg.
PewDiePie total views on youtube is 11,485,092,397.
2015 he had a salary of 12 million dollars according to forbes.

2. Smosh

Smosh net worth is 13 million dollars. Smosh is a duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Carmichael, California. The couple began making videos in high school. Smosh is a comedy channel.

3. Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link net worth is 10 million dollar. They have two popular youtube channels each of them giving 5 million dollar. They also earn a lot from sponsored deals. They started late in life with youtube. Before they start there comedy carrier on youtube they did morning television news shows.

4. The Fine Bros

The Fine Bros film how other people react to youtube videos. They film people watching popular youtube videos like PewDiePie or Nicki Minaj.
They have a total of 3,972,299,878 youtube views and over 13 million subscribers.
That give TheFineBros net worth of  9 million dollars.

5. holasoygerman

holasoygerman is a youtuber that has over 26,810,905 subscribers and total youtube views of 2,483,715,923.
holasoygerman net worth is over $6,000,000.
His real name is Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis and his youtube name is HolaSoyGermán and JuegaGerman he is a chilean youtube comedian.
He is very popular is spanish talking countries.